Restaurant Tropengarten

An oasis for all foodies in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. Tropical, regional, totally unique.

It is possible to eat in the restaurant without visiting the exhibition.

The sturgeon and perch fillets as well as the caviar are all from our own sustainable production. Spices and tropical fruits come straight from the garden onto your plate.

Opening times

10.00 to 17.30

Thursday to Saturday
10.00 to 23.00

10.00 to 17.30

Note that opening times may vary on days when special or private events are being held.

Company holidays 2024


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Restaurant Tropengarten

The Tropengarten restaurant has a special ambiance and impressive food with dishes that will transport you to the tropics in no time at all. We create and serve gourmet food prepared with our own produce alongside regional specialities with a tropical twist. At lunchtime we offer Tropenhaus classics from our own fishery combined with fruits and spices from the garden. In the evenings you additionally have the choice of the Tropenhaus menu.

Tropical Christmas

Christmas dinner in a tropical ambience. Enjoy an exclusive menu with delicacies from our own production and the best from the region.

Eventing gastro tour

This special guided tour combines culinary delights and the diversity of the tropical garden in a unique way.

Tropical Table d'Hôtes

Be our guest at the table d'hôte in Tropenhaus Frutigen. Experience an enjoyable evening in a very private setting. Explore the tropical flora and feel as if you are on holiday, far removed from your hectic, everyday life, while strolling through the tropical garden between courses.

Overnight stay in the tropical house

Experience tropical short breaks in the Bernese Oberland. We have chosen the perfect idea and the most tropical location for you to enjoy an authentic overnight stay.

New Year

Always a surprise!