Important information

May 18: entire tropical house closed (exclusive event)

May 19 & 20: open until 17:30

From May 21: Permanently closed

The Tropengarten restaurant is fully booked up to and including May 20.

Reservations can no longer be accepted. No tables can be guaranteed, even spontaneously.

The escape games remained open after the closure.



The Tropenhaus experience brings together the themes of renewable energy, fish farming and caviar production with a tropical garden. As the centrepiece of our interaction with visitors, the exhibition on sturgeon, fish farming and caviar production is totally unique in Switzerland. Tropical plants and fruits flourish in the tropical garden, inviting visitors to enjoy them with all their senses.

  • Barrier-free access to all of the Tropenhaus.
  • Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the Tropenhaus premises

Information about the exhibition

Opening times

  • 10.00-17.30 from Wednesday to Sunday

Guided tours

Simply select your favourites from our tour programme and we’ll take you on an exciting journey of discovery.

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