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Fish farming and caviar

Switzerland's first alpine sturgeon and caviar farm

Tropenhaus Frutigen is a pioneer of sustainable fish farming in land-based aquaculture systems in Switzerland. It houses efficient commercial production facilities for breeding freshwater fish and producing sturgeon meat and caviar. The highly pure water that emerges from the Lötschberg base tunnel at a temperature of 18 degrees provides the ideal environment for Siberian sturgeon. Tropenhaus fish stocks have now climbed to around 80,000 sturgeon. Besides Siberian sturgeon, our aquarium boasts numerous other species, among them rare sturgeon such as the pale albino sterlet, paddlefish or the famous beluga. 

Profile of the Siberian sturgeon

  • Grows up to 2 metres in length
  • Weight approx. 200 kilogrammes
  • Elongated, spindle-shaped body
  • Long pointed snout
  • Spawns only once every 2-5 years
  • Can grow very large
  • May live to be 100 years old

The Tropenhaus has now started to breed local fish species as well. The second mainstay of our fish production is perch. We are also involved in a pilot project with whitefish, which were previously only available seasonally in smaller quantities. Perch fillet, sturgeon fillet, caviar and other fish reared in our fishery regularly feature on the menu of our Tropengarten restaurant.

Sustainability is likewise at the heart of our aquaculture operations. Top priority is given to fish husbandry appropriate to the particular species. Come and take a look for yourself and visit our exhibition themed around water from the Lötschberg, fish farming, caviar and other sturgeon produce.

Perch production

In the meantime, native fish are also bred in the tropical house. The second mainstay of fish production is perch. In addition, a pilot project is underway with whitefish, which could previously be offered for sale in smaller quantities on a seasonal basis. Egli fillet, sturgeon fillet, caviar and other products specially produced in our fish farm are an integral part of the menu in our restaurant Tropengarten. All products can be found in our Tropenhaus shop, in the e-shop or partly also at 

For us, the topic of sustainability is also central to fish farming. Top priority is given to species-appropriate animal husbandry. See for yourself and visit our exhibition on the topics of water from the Lötschberg, fish farming, caviar and other sturgeon products

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