Coop involvement

In June 2017, Tropenhaus Frutigen AG merged with the Coop Genossenschaft and since then has operated as an independent division of Coop Genossenschaft with Nicolas Buchmann as Chief Executive. 

Tropenhaus Advisory Board:

Reto Conrad (Head Business Unit 7, Coop, President)

Peter Schmid (Head VRE NWZZ, Coop)

Daniel Stocker a.I. (HC 18, Coop)

Stefano Alberucci (Head VRE BE, Coop)

Actions, not words

Tropenhaus Frutigen is proud to be represented in relation to three actions in Coop's "Actions, not words" campaign. 

Learn more about our actions here:

Tat 78: Die Tropen in den Schweizer Alpen

Tat 125: Unser Kaviar aus den Alpen stammt aus tierfreundlicher Zucht