Our focal themes are very much at the heart of the Tropenhaus. Prepare to be inspired!

Fish farming & caviar

Switzerland's first alpine sturgeon and caviar farm

Tropenhaus Frutigen is a pioneer of sustainable fish farming in land-based aquaculture systems in Switzerland. It houses efficient commercial production facilities for breeding…


The Tropenhaus experience brings together the themes of renewable energy, fish farming and caviar production with a tropical garden. As the centrepiece of our interaction with visitors, the exhibition


Tropical Garden

With over 170 different plants growing in our tropical garden, a veritable riot of colour and diversity awaits you.

The warm climate found in our glasshouses and the fact that fruits can naturally reach their full ripeness allows them to unfold their intensely fruity flavour. Bananas, papayas…


This oasis in the Bernese Oberland offers a nature-themed experience for the whole family – and feels just like being on holiday!

Adventures for young and old With a tropical rainforest, Siberian sturgeon, alpine caviar and an interactive exhibition entitled "How the fish came…

Food lovers

An oasis for all foodies in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. If you love dining in a warm climate surrounded by tropical plants then our Tropengarten restaurant is the perfect culinary destination



Seminars, conferences, workshops – where ideas grow and inspiration flourishes.

At Tropenhaus Frutigen inspiration is always part of the package. Lying at the foot of the Bernese Alps, Frutigen is the perfect event location to transform your celebration…