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Tropical Garden

With over 170 different plants growing in our tropical garden, a veritable riot of colour and diversity awaits you.

The warm climate found in our glasshouses and the fact that fruits can naturally reach their full ripeness allows them to unfold their intensely fruity flavour. Bananas, papayas, star fruit, acerola cherries, guavas, mangosteen, pineapples, coffee, cocoa and kumquats are just some of the many fruits grown here. Each year we harvest around 2 tonnes of fruit. Most of it makes its way into our Tropengarten restaurant or produce for the Tropenhaus shop.

Take a walk around the glasshouses and marvel at the many fruits, spices and exotic plants that, although well known to us, are seldom seen growing on entire plants in our latitudes. The tropical climate of the hothouses, sheer variety of plants and the lush colours of the magnificent flowers and fruit are a delight to the senses. Various stations along the way invite you to touch, sniff and discover the plants up close. 

Packages Tropical Garden

Schoolchildren's chocolate tour

An interactive tour of the tropical garden for school classes, focusing on cocoa.

Dauer: 2,5 h


Coffee field trip

Like to visit a coffee plantation without having to take a trip to the tropics? That's something you can only do with us.

Overnight stay in the tropical house

Experience tropical short breaks in the Bernese Oberland. We have chosen the perfect idea and the most tropical location for you to enjoy an authentic overnight stay.

Winter market

Winter comes to the tropics too.

18. - 19.11.