As well as our own produce, the Tropenhaus shop also sells seasonal decorations, gifts and vouchers

  • Entry to the Tropenhaus shop is free of charge
  • Open 10.00-17.30 from Wednesday to Sunday

Fish & caviar

Oona - Pure Swiss Alpine Caviar

Tropenhaus Frutigen has written a new chapter in the history of caviar: caviar from Siberian sturgeon that have been bred in pure, naturally warm mountain water. Oona is the brand name of our caviar and sturgeon produce. This pure word of Celtic origin symbolizes uniqueness, the one and only, the extraordinary. Oona caviar is available in a variety of selections in the Tropenhaus shop or can be ordered on the Oona online shop or via our sales office. 

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Our sturgeon meat

Sturgeon meat is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland, especially as it is very versatile. The lean, light-coloured flesh has a firm texture without any bones. Smoked sturgeon can be enjoyed hot or cold. Discover and order our sturgeon delicacies from the Oona online shop, in the Tropenhaus shop or write to our sales office. 

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Home-reared fillets of perch

The Tropenhaus additionally rears Swiss perch which is available in the Tropengarten restaurant served in a variety of different ways. It can also be bought in the Tropenhaus shop or our online shop, or ordered via our sales office.

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Genuine Frutigen terroir coffee

In collaboration with Bern coffee specialists cafethek, Tropenhaus offers its own blend of coffee. This blend of Arabica beans with 10% genuine Frutigen terroir coffee is a true rarity. The nutty-fruity aromas of cafethek's roast ideally complement the soft floral mocha notes of the Tropenhaus coffee. The resulting blend possesses a delightfully complex flavour for those extra special coffee moments. Exclusively available in the Tropenhaus shop.

Fruit & home-made produce

Tropical fruits and home-made produce

Thanks to the warm climate and the natural ripening process this allows, fruit grown here develops an exceptionally intense flavour. Depending on seasonal availability, a wide variety of fruit such as bananas, papayas, star fruit, kumquats, passionfruit, guavas, chillies and many more exotic fruits can be bought in the Tropenhaus shop. 

It also offers a large selection of Tropenhaus specialities such as seasoned salt, preserves, teas, syrups, oils, mustard, chocolate and much more besides. The range stocked changes seasonally, and our garden team are always adding new creations. So be sure to drop by and see us.