Fishing in Switzerland

The complex interplay between nature and human intervention through fishing and angling is vividly depicted in this interactive exhibition which perfectly complements the general theme of aquaculture at Tropenhaus Frutigen.

New articles, visual presentations and the latest fishing news can be accessed online on the website of SKF, the Swiss national centre for fishing, thus constantly updating the information provided in the exhibition. The 10 stations provide information about breeding and fish husbandry, fishing in various watercourses and the different types of angling in mountain streams, rivers and lakes, as well as commercial fishing. Visitors then experience three themed sections on the "renaturing trail". "Fishermen create habitat" presents seven different examples of how to maintain healthy fish stocks. "Golden autumn" shows how important it is to channel water in the right way for watercourses to benefit nature. "Protected habitat" shows the importance of providing safe places where fish can seek refuge from predators.

The special exhibition provides easy to understand information about fishing in general. Complementing the Tropenhaus' existing exhibition "How the fish came to the mountain", this special exhibition provides an informative insight into fishing in Switzerland. The complex interplay between nature and human intervention – both its negative and more beneficial aspects – is vividly illustrated.

The Bern Canton Fishing Federation (BKFV) played a leading role in the design and content of this exhibit.