Coffee trail

The Tropenhaus is enriched with a new theme world. On the new coffee trail in the middle of the Tropical Garden, visitors are able to learn interactively the story of coffee – from cherry to cup.

As befits this quintessential tropical plant, our coffee can be found growing right in the middle of the multifaceted flora of the Tropenhaus, Frutigen. With the creation of the coffee trail, this unassuming plant with the red cherries is receiving attention long overdue. Growing all around the coffee trail ‘in Frutigen soil,’ ten coffee varieties, amongst them such rarities as Pacamara and Old Paradenia, offer observation material otherwise rare in the climate in this area.

Having first been attracted by the aroma of coffee, the visitor’s attention is in turn focused on the coffee trail by the sound of a coffee grinder. Freshly brewed facts about coffee, ranging from botany and processing to roasting and grinding, are served up in an interesting and entertaining manner. Above, a large globe of the world presides, on which the different areas of coffee cultivation around the world are highlighted. After travelling the world’s coffee trade routes by marble run, the visitor is invited to feel the effects of the drink on the human body. Finally, young and old alike can frolic through the history of coffee on a man-sized version of snakes and ladders and learn amazing things about the universally loved stimulant.

Coffee roasting – a new interlude on the coffee trail

As an added feature, the Tropenhaus Frutigen proudly presents a new coffee interlude. Under expert supervision, participants embark on the coffee trail to roast their own highly personalised coffee blend ‘like great grandmother made,’ to take home with them. This offer can be booked upon request for participant numbers ranging from one person to larger groups.

Coffee from Frutiger’s unique terroir

Simultaneously with the opening of the coffee trail, the Tropenhaus Frutigen is, in cooperation with cafethek, Bern, to launch its own coffee blend. Containing 10% Arabica coffee from Frutiger’s unique terroir, the blend is a true rarity, in which the nutty-fruity aromas of the cafethek roast are ideally complemented by the floral, soft Mocha notes of the Tropenhaus bean.

Frutiger Terroir Kaffee is now available in bags of 150 g in the Tropenhaus Shop and are priced at CHF 14.50. Enjoy an authentic Frutiger Terroir espresso in one of our restaurants!

Cafethek, Bern: a partner with coffee expertise

The coffee trail was developed in close cooperation with the Bern-based company, cafethek, who provided generous support to the Tropenhaus in the form of coffee expertise. All of the coffee trail’s component parts were developed in tandem with cafethek, and in turn realised by the gardening team of the Tropenhaus with support from our local partners. On the coffee path itself, cafethek offers coffee field trips and expert-led courses for everyone interested in coffee, as well as introductory training modules in coffee botany and processing.