Bananas from the Bernese Alps

The warm climate inside the Tropenhaus’s greenhouses and the fact that the fruit can ripen naturally leads to an incomparable taste. Banana, papaya, mango, carambola - or star fruit, dwarf banana, guava, physalis, lychee, durian, mangosteen, avocado, pineapple and kumquat are a few of the countless plants grown in the Tropenhaus. About two tons of fruit should be harvested each year with most of it making its way into the fresh, seasonal dishes prepared in the Tropenhaus restaurants.

A walk through the greenhouses with their flourishing flora reveals the often unfamiliar trees and plants on which the fruit sold in our supermarkets are grown. The sheer variety, lush colours and tropical climate along with the magnificent flowers and fruit are a delight to the senses.

Harvest 2015

Bananas 456.1 Kg
Papaya 942.5 Kg
Chili 14.9 Kg
Kumquat 52.7 Kg
Guava 248.4 Kg
Starfruit 257.3 Kg
Tamarillo 4.5 Kg
Citrus fruits 34.4 Kg
Sugar cane 11.2 Kg
Avocado 10.0 Kg
Acerola 5.3 Kg
Pineapple 8.7 Kg
Coffee 5.6 Kg
Annona 17.7 Kg
Pitaya 11.7 Kg
Passions fruit 52.6 Kg
Berries 42.7 Kg

2180.7 Kg