Important information

May 18: entire tropical house closed (exclusive event)

May 19 & 20: open until 17:30

From May 21: Permanently closed

The Tropengarten restaurant is fully booked up to and including May 20.

Reservations can no longer be accepted. No tables can be guaranteed, even spontaneously.

The escape games remained open after the closure.


Whisky and the tropics

How does the local "Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky" age in a tropical climate? 

Kurt Althaus, Master Distiller at Rugen Distillery in Interlaken, came up with the idea of letting his exclusive whisky age in the unique climate of Tropenhaus Frutigen. The three casks all have different origins.

  • Cask no. 375 – was used for ageing dessert wine
  • Cask no. 394 – was previously used as a cask for port wine
  • Cask no. 530 – is a first fill cask. Brand new and made of native oak from the Rugen Forest.

On 19 December 2017, all three casks were filled with freshly distilled whisky from the Rugen Distillery. The maturation of the whisky is monitored at regular intervals. It will be bottled as a limited edition once optimum maturity is reached in several years' time.

This whisky is the counterpart to the "Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Ice Label", which is aged in casks in perpetual ice on the Jungfraujoch.