Themed trails

Banana trail

Why is the banana curved?

Did you know that Tropenhaus Frutigen grows over 45 different varieties of dessert, hardy, false and cooking bananas, while supermarkets sell only 3? We pay a lot of attention to bananas at Tropenhaus Frutigen. Whether to join our "Going bananas" event or buy a plant or fruit directly in our shop, bananas alone are well worth a trip to Tropenhaus Frutigen as there are lots of fascinating, curious, informative and amusing facts to discover about them on our banana trail.

Cocoa trail

We'll show you how it's possible to plant and grow cocoa sustainably using dynamic agroforestry. On our cocoa trail you'll see different varieties of cocoa and learn interesting information about the plant and its cultivation. 

Coffee trail

The journey from coffee cherry to cup. The coffee trail through the tropical garden interactively illustrates how coffee starts off as a cherry and ends in a cup.

Spice trail

Our tropical garden is also home to a miniature spice paradise. Discover the unique world of spices on our dedicated trail.

Did you know that we also grow different types of turmeric in our tropical garden? Among others, you can see black, yellow and orange turmeric on our spice trail. The diversity of spices is also reflected by the cuisine served in the Tropengarten restaurant. The spices used come directly from our garden. You can also make your own seasoned salt. Simply book our experience tour then you can touch, sniff and taste your way along our spice trail.

Coffee field trip

Like to visit a coffee plantation without having to take a trip to the tropics? That's something you can only do with us.