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Escape Games

Two exciting missions with over 30 tricky puzzles to solve and a gripping story – Tropenhaus Frutigen is now offering this experience in cooperation with Live Escape Game Switzerland, who have been pioneers on the Swiss escape game market for over 8 years and can boast more than 50,000 happy visitors.

When combined with an event in the Tropenhaus, the package price is only CHF 140 per room. Send enquiries to

The forgotten temple

After a long and exhausting expedition for your new job at R.R Böni, your team can finally fly back to headquarters! You can almost feel the warm water of the shower and the smell of a freshly prepared meal... when the plane is struck by lightning. In a steep descent you crash down through the jungle and land hard, looking around dazedly. The radio seems to be dead and you have no idea where exactly you have crash landed. Through the windows you spy an abandoned tent and an old temple – will you find help there? Try to get your bearings as quickly as possible and ask for help from headquarters!

The stolen tear of the gods

Shortly after the arrival of your expedition team at R.R Böni's headquarters in a small South American village, you hear rumours that only heighten your fears. First you find the abandoned expedition site of Professor Thibaut, and now you hear that Egon Böni is rumoured to have kidnapped the professor. The reason for this is a stolen tear of the gods, a powerful artefact of the Inca, with which Egon wants to enrich himself. You grab a favourable opportunity and search the headquarters for clues about the professor. Can you free her in time, and maybe even foil Egon's plan?  

Quick game

Short on time but don't want to miss out on the gaming experience? Then the quick game option is the perfect choice. For 30 minutes you have time to solve the exciting mystery. Can only be booked on site. Special price: CHF 40 instead of CHF 80 for 4 people. 

More information

  • 2-6 people can take part per game/room. Max. 4 people in the small stage room. Age 10 and up. 
  • All puzzles are in German and French. 
  • 1 hour escape games, total time 1½ hrs – play is possible in 2 rooms simultaneously
  • Stage 3 game: 30 minutes, 4 puzzles, total time 1 hour


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