Coffee field trip

Like to visit a coffee plantation without having to take a trip to the tropics? That's something you can only do with us.

We have dozens of coffee plants belonging to around 15 different botanical species and varieties growing in our extensive glasshouses. Depending on the season, we will see coffee blossom or taste different varieties of coffee fruits. So you'll find out all about coffee – from tree to cup.

Guided tour/workshop with a coffee pro
Join our stimulating tour to learn fascinating facts about coffee directly from an expert: Where and how does coffee grow? What are the different varieties of coffee? What does coffee fruit taste like/what does coffee blossom smell like (depending on season)? How is coffee processed? What does roasting do? Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? These and other questions are answered in the context of our actual work here which is totally unique in Europe.
We then delve more deeply into coffee roasting in the subsequent workshop. The differences in taste resulting from botanical variety, processing, roasting etc. are explored in a professionally conducted coffee tasting.

Coffee-inspired dining in our gourmet restaurant
Following the workshop, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner with something from the coffee plant incorporated in every course, surrounded by tropical banana plants and papaya trees. You'll be surprised at just how many different aromas and flavours can be conjured up from the coffee plant if everything from the leaves and cherries through to the raw and roasted coffee beans is utilized.

  • Group size: 10-35 people
  • Time required: 2 hours +
  • Languages: German, French, English
  • Options and prices per person
  • Guided tour (approx. 1.5 hrs) CHF 65.00
  • Guided tour with workshop (approx. 2.5 hrs) CHF 85.00
  • Aperitif only CHF 30.00
  • 3-course dinner (without aperitif) CHF 69.00
  • 4-course dinner (without aperitif) CHF 78.00

You can mix and match tours and gastro packages as desired. Prices include: workshop including materials, seat reservation in the restaurant. Prices do not include: drinks (except for coffee tasting)

We can put together shorter or longer workshops, or other gastro packages, on request.

Enquiries: Tropenhaus Frutigen, or phone +41 (0)33 672 11 43

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