General Terms and Conditions Tropenhaus Frutigen

Our General Terms and Conditions are part of every booking.


All prices are quoted in CHF including VAT. Prices subject to change.

Booking confirmation

The reservation of rooms and banquets and the agreement of other services become binding on both parties once the Tropenhaus Frutigen signs the booking confirmation and sends it to the event organizer.

Please note

If your group arrives more than 15 minutes late for the booked tour and the tour is then conducted beyond the booked time, we will charge a supplement of CHF 20 per quarter hour and guide.

Whenever possible we try to conduct the entire booked tour. However, if a group is late, it is possible that we cannot conduct the entire tour, depending on the booking situation at the Tropenhaus. No reimbursements will be paid in such a case.

Food and drinks

Any food and drinks must be provided by the Tropenhaus Frutigen catering service.


Cancellations and any changes to services that have already been confirmed must be made in writing.

14-21 days before the event: 20% of the confirmed offering for Catering, room rental
7-14 days before the event:

50% of the confirmed offering for Catering, room rental, tours

2-6 days before the event:

75% of the confirmed offering for Catering, room rental, tours

1 day before the event and on the date of arrival:

100% of the confirmed offering for Catering, room rental, tours

The number of participants submitted two working days (48 hours) before the event will be deemed to be binding and serves as the invoicing basis.

In the event of substantial changes requiring partial or complete reorganization of the event, a new order confirmation will be drawn up.

Payment terms

Following the event you will receive a total invoice for the services used. This invoice must be paid in full within 15 days.


The contracting partner is responsible for arranging insurance for participants at the event. Tropenhaus Frutigen will not accept any liability for theft of or damage to items brought by guests.


The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Frutigen.

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