Oona - Pure Swiss Alpine Caviar

Oona CaviarTropenhaus Frutigen has opened a new chapter in the history of caviar in Switzerland: caviar from Siberian sturgeon that has grown up in pure, naturally warm mountain water. Oona is the brand of our caviar and sturgeion products an means  – unique. Derived from the Celtic language, this pure word stands for the one, the only, the extraordinary.


The manner in which the meat is acquired and processed is a deciding factor for the quality of the caviar. By processing everything by hand, we respect the characteristics of the natural product. The individual steps in extracting and processing the caviar are carried out with care and taking into account the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Enjoyment of the caviar

Fresh caviar can be sealed raw and cooled at +2° C for up to 3 months (follow the individual directions on the tin). The temperature may never fall below -4° C, as otherwise this will change the flavour and consistency of the grains.
Caviar should be consumed immediately as soon as it is opened.

A spoon worthy of serving this delicacy is made of horn or mother of pearl. Gold spoons are also good, as they do not distort the caviar's unique flavour. Silver or metallic spoons should never be used, as these will destroy the caviar's taste.

The pearls should be served cool, for example, on a block of ice, enabling the full effect of the delicate flavour to be appreciated.

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Discover the full univers of Oona Caviar

Oona Caviar N°103 - traditionnelOona Caviar N°103 - traditionnel

Oona Caviar N°103 - traditionnel

Oona CaviarOona Caviar

Oona Caviar

Oona sturgeon smoked hotOona sturgeon smoked hot

Oona sturgeon smoked hot

Oona sturgeon smoked coldOona sturgeon smoked cold

Oona sturgeon smoked cold