First alpine sturgeon and caviar production

Tropenhaus Frutigen is considered a pioneer in the field of fish breeding in land-based aquacultures. A high-performance, professional production facilities for breeding freshwater fish is at the heart of the facility. 18-degree hot, high quality water from the inside of the Lötschberg mountain forms the ideal environment for the Siberian sturgeon. Fish stocks in Tropenhaus have now grown to around 80,000 sturgeons. Aside from the Siberian sturgeon, our aquarium boasts numerous other species, among them rare sturgeons such as the light albino sterlet, the spoon billet and the beluga.

Profile of the Siberian sturgeon

  • Maximum size 2 metres (largest freshwater fish in the world)
  • Weight approx. 200 kilogrammes
  • Elongated, spindle-shaped physique
  • Beak-like, elongated mouth
  • Only spawns every 2 – 5 years
  • Considerable growth potential
  • Lives for up to a 100 years

The Tropenhaus now also breeds local fish species. The second mainstay of our breeding programme are perch and zander, which make up around one-third of our total production. We are also running a pilot whitefish project with seasonal sales of small numbers of the fish.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, even for aquaculture. Top priority is given to breeding that is appropriate to the particular species. No antibiotics, medicines or chemical pesticides are used.

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Siberian sturgeonSiberian sturgeon

Siberian sturgeon

Sturgeon and caviar productionSturgeon and caviar production

Sturgeon and caviar production

First apline sturgeon and caviar production.

Our aquarium boasts numerous speciesOur aquarium boasts numerous species

Our aquarium boasts numerous species