Miracle fruit – the wonder berry

New to the tropical garden! 100% fruit!

Since October 2018 we have been growing the first miracle fruit trees in the tropical garden, and we are looking forward to the first harvest.

The wonder berry grows primarily in Africa. It has since made its way to Europe and the USA and is known for its taste-altering effect. It contains a protein “Miraculin”, which is responsible for these characteristics.

The wonder berries make sour or bitter foods taste sweet.

Come along on a culinary journey and try out various foods with the wonder berry – prepare to be surprised! The berries can also be used as a sweetener for people who do not want to do without sugar.

Perfect fun for the whole family and healthy too.

How to use wonder berries:

  1. Separate the flesh of the fruit from the seeds in your mouth and chew slowly.
  2. Spit out the seeds and do not bite them; they are very bitter but not toxic.
  3. Leave the berries on the top of your tongue so that as many taste receptors as possible are covered.
  4. Then try bitter, sour or spicy foods and be surprised.
  5. The effect lasts for approx. 15-30 minutes.

The effect can be ended by eating hot food or drinking plenty of liquid.

Some examples of foods that can be tried with the wonder berry:

  • Lemon: the absolute classic
  • Lime: sugary sweet and delicious
  • Strawberry: tastes as if it has been dipped in sugar
  • Grapefruit: no longer bitter
  • Blood orange: a sweet surprise
  • Chili: the hot spiciness disappears
  • Dark chocolate: tastes like milk chocolate
  • Vinegar: drinkable by the gallon
  • Whole-grain bread: tastes like cake
  • Plain yoghurt: no longer acidic
  • Guinness beer: tastes like drinking chocolate
  • Vegetable fruit concentrate: even children enjoy it