Tropenhaus takes a leading role in the use of renewable energy in the Alpine region. We breed fish and fruit and are a model company in conveying the associated subjects and services in a sensitive manner that can be readily experienced.

The Tropenhaus Frutigen project was started in 2012 with a feasibility study. In 2003, the start-up company Tropenhaus Frutigen AG was set up with headquarters in Frutigen. Tropenhaus Frutigen was opened on 21st November 2009.

Advisory council

  • Reto Conrad (Leiter Direktion 7, Coop, Präsident)
  • Peter Schmid (Leiter VRE NWZZ, Coop)
  • Tobias Schuler (Leiter HC 14/18, Coop)
  • Raffaella Cadosch (Leiterin Support Direktion 7, Coop)


  • Nicolas Buchmann